Free VS Premium WordPress Themes

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for any blogger when setting up their site is to pick a WordPress theme that’s going to suit their style and ideas for the site. With the vast array of theme offerings these days it’s almost impossible to narrow down your choice to that one specific theme. Additionally many bloggers look for free options to try to keep their costs low, you can’t blame them for it but it is worth weighing up the differences between both Free and Premium themes. You never know how your blog will progress so starting with a […]

Terms Descriptions – Auto Link Phrases

Terms Descriptions

Interlinking your blog content is a big deal if you’re talking about SEO. You want to be able to tell readers and search engines about your other related content but sometime you don’t always remember to link posts correctly. So having a tool to auto link phrases with the right post or page would be ideal right? Well then you need to have a look at a plugin called Terms Descriptions. This plugin allows you to create list of terms and assign links to them. This plugin replaces occurrences of terms in your posts with appropriate links. Unlike similar plugins […]

The 5 Most Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress SEO - Essential WordPress Plugin

As someone who works with WordPress for a living, I’m constantly asked what the best plugins are for a particular job. Obviously the answer will differ for every blogger depending on what they are trying to do. But there are, in my opinion, a few absolutely essential WordPress plugins that should be installed on pretty much every WordPress blog out there. They cover the grunt-work of your site, leaving you to sprinkle in an assortment of others for more niche uses. So – what are they? Read on. BackWPup Having lived in the IT world for longer than I’d like to […]

12 Months On, What Have I Learnt?

Around 12 months ago, I turned what had just been a hobby into something that would define how much food went into my mouth and how many walls would surround me at night. Instead of giving away my services for free, I switched to asking people to pay for the hours of time I’d invested in their websites. What became apparently very quickly is that people love you when you’re free  – but as soon as you start charging a fair price for your time, they scatter like leaves to the wind. It’s not just that some bloggers look for […]