Cookies for Comments – Stop Spam Fast

Cookies For Comments Settings - Stop Spam Fast

Spam is a problem for any website, but in recent months it has become increasingly painful to deal with. Worse still, the trusty and much-loved Akismet plugin is letting too many spam comments through for comfort. Are you finding this to be the case? If so, I recommend you add the Cookies for Comments plugin to your site to stop spam fast. Cookies for Comments sets a cookie on a random URL that’s checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam. Cookies for Comments was created by Donncha O Caoimh who […]

Relevanssi – Improve Blog Search

Relevanssi Improve Blog Search

Ever tried to use the search feature of your favourite blog only to find it returns a terrible list of results. Look over the results next time and you’ll most likely find that they are ordered by date with the latest posts appearing first. How many times is the content you’re looking for the latest post? WordPress search also looks for your entire search phrase, there is no intelligence to it what so ever. So how do you improve blog search results? Enter Relevanssi. Relevanssi replaces the default search with a partial-match search that sorts results by relevance. It also […]

Black Friday Bargains for Bloggers

Many of us blog for the joy of it, some blog for the free things and others even make money from it. But the common theme I find for any blogger is that they like to snag a bargain wherever possible. To help out I’ve collected together a bunch of sites offering deals that should appeal to the budding blogger. If I find anymore during the sale period I’ll update here for all to see. You’ll need to act quickly however as most sales are set to end this Monday and won’t be repeated until this time next year. Moo […]

Basic WordPress Security Tips

Basic WordPress Security

Basic WordPress security should be something everyone knows and implements. Yet I watch forums and Facebook groups where on a daily basis people have had their site hacked or something else terrible happen to it. And I can’t help but die a little inside. To make life easier I want to outline some tips that bloggers can carry out on their site today that will instantly add better protection. Now these aren’t ground breaking tips by any means, you can find them all over the internet. Thus making this post a collection of all of them so I can stop repeating […]

Backup Your Blog, It’s Like Getting Insurance

Maybe your blog is making you a bit of money on the side or better yet its your fulltime job. What happens then when you wake up one morning to find your blog for one reason or another needs to be restored. Do you backup your blog or have a system in place to deal with it? I like to associate backing up your blog with insurance. We take out insurance on our houses, belongings and even our animals yet when it comes to anything online we seem to just assume everything will be alright. It’s as if our online […]