WordPress at Travel Bloggers Unite

I’ve just attended the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Umbria, Italy where I was presenting on WordPress. A very humbling experience for myself after spending so much time helping many of the people at the conference online with problems in the past. I really hope that everyone took a little something away from it and will follow up with me if they still have questions. Having helped other travel bloggers for the last two years with their WordPress setups I was in a unique position to present at the conference. Be it helping to set up plugins, migrate blogs from […]

Add A Tech Department To Your Blog

WordPress is am amazing blogging platform. You can add plugins to increase its functionality, swap out themes at the click of a button and produce content online at the drop of a hat. It’s no wonder then that a recent study of the top 100 blogs in the world determined 48 are running on WordPress. As you grow with your blog, configure plugins and increase the complexity of your theme the general day to day management of the site can become overwhelming. What was once a simple task now takes you a day and with new ways to connect your […]

Welcome to RTW Labs

Welcome To rtwlabs.com

There has been this little voice in my head repeating the same line over and over again… do more with the knowledge you have. This voice has often been amplified by those around me as I offer time and time again to help others with their blogs. In the beginning as I grew my own skills I helped others because I had the skills to do it and was willing to help a fellow blogger out, no strings just a genuine offer of good will. The most I would accept in return was the offer to buy me a beer if we […]

Before You Blame The Web Host

I don’t know a travel blogger who hasn’t blamed their web host for issues with their blog at some point. The problem is that for the most part it’s actually a problem the blogger has caused for themselves so let me explain. It’s not uncommon to see a blogger complaining about the following problems and levelling them square on the web host. My blog is slow… This plugin doesn’t work… This photo won’t upload… Why don’t advertisers contact me… And the list goes on and on. So much so that as an IT guy I want to put everything into […]

How To Add Photos To Your Blog

How To Upload Photos To Your Blog

Photos are an integral part of your travel blog. They add depth to your chosen topic and not to mention can work at filling your posting schedule if you are running short on time (that’s the excuse we use isn’t it). This is more a best practices post than a specific tech post but I’ve seen this done so often I wanted to have a little rant today because you really are missing out on good search traffic and I want to help you. By default my digital camera saves files in a format that looks like this “P1050801.JPG”. Your […]