Speed Up Your Blog With A Caching Plugin

W3 Total Cache Check Enabled

A fast loading blog means a happy blogger and even happier readers. I recently wrote more on the topic in my first post about speeding up your blog where I listed some basic tips to keep extra information out of your WordPress blog so it runs lean and mean. If you haven’t read that then start there before continuing with this post as it’s the next step in improving the speed of your blog. Why do you need a caching plugin then? Well when someone visits your blog all of those lines of code that make up your site activate themselves. First […]

Free vs Self Hosted WordPress Blogs

Hosting Data Center

Getting into blogging is an easy task, you sign up on wordpress.com and presto you can begin blogging away and telling us all about your travels. But what happens if you want to move beyond telling your family and friends at home that you slept in till the afternoon after a major night out partying with a bunch of locals? What if you want to take it a bit more seriously and help other travellers plan for their own travels (it’s what got me started). A simple wordpress.com blog is great to get your feet wet and not have to […]

Speed Up Your Blog – Simple Tips

WP-Optimize Wordpress Plugin

Having a slow website not only annoys you but probably your readers and not to mention the wrath that could be unleashed on you if Google gets upset. Before I get into this too much head on over to this great site at Pingdom and put your website through it’s paces. A test on RTW Labs leaves me with a full load time of 3.5 seconds, not bad but I know that I can improve it with a couple of changes. A general rule of thumb that I’ve seen written about a few times is to aim on having your […]

How To Google Webmaster Tools & WordPress

Google Webmaster Tools

Many claim to know how to beat Google at its own game but for the majority of us, well we just have to tow the line and work with what we can. One tool that goes towards helping you ensure Google is taking notice of your blog is called Google Webmaster Tools. What can it do for you? Well let me use Googles own words to try and explain. See how Google crawls and indexes your site and learn about specific problems we’re having accessing it. View, classify, and download comprehensive data about internal and external links to your site […]

How To Keep Me As A Reader

How To Keep Me As A Reader

I love reading about other peoples blogs. Be it travel, tech, food or something else, its like my own form of drug and one I’ll never be able to give up. In saying that, you have to make it easy for me to follow you and keep up with everything as I’m normally very time poor. You can’t expect me to visit your blog everyday to check for updates about posts and comments. After you’ve done the hard part and got as a reader why loose me over something that is easily fixed? So here are two of my biggest blog […]