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October Blogger Workshop

RTW Labs - October Workshop

Being a blogger is hard work (I should know – I am one). You need to be able to create captivating content on your blog to lure in your audience; produce targeted, well-timed social media messages and campaigns across multiple platforms to keep them; and then you need to develop photography skills that hit the target every time, transfixing your audience so they simply can’t look away… If they look away, you’ve lost them. To be a successful blogger you need a veritable quiver of arrows in your arsenal – and every single one of them needs to hit the […]

12 Months On, What Have I Learnt?

Around 12 months ago, I turned what had just been a hobby into something that would define how much food went into my mouth and how many walls would surround me at night. Instead of giving away my services for free, I switched to asking people to pay for the hours of time I’d invested in their websites. What became apparently very quickly is that people love you when you’re free  – but as soon as you start charging a fair price for your time, they scatter like leaves to the wind. It’s not just that some bloggers look for […]

Black Friday Bargains for Bloggers

Many of us blog for the joy of it, some blog for the free things and others even make money from it. But the common theme I find for any blogger is that they like to snag a bargain wherever possible. To help out I’ve collected together a bunch of sites offering deals that should appeal to the budding blogger. If I find anymore during the sale period I’ll update here for all to see. You’ll need to act quickly however as most sales are set to end this Monday and won’t be repeated until this time next year. Moo […]

WordPress at Travel Bloggers Unite

I’ve just attended the Travel Bloggers Unite Conference in Umbria, Italy where I was presenting on WordPress. A very humbling experience for myself after spending so much time helping many of the people at the conference online with problems in the past. I really hope that everyone took a little something away from it and will follow up with me if they still have questions. Having helped other travel bloggers for the last two years with their WordPress setups I was in a unique position to present at the conference. Be it helping to set up plugins, migrate blogs from […]

Add A Tech Department To Your Blog

WordPress is am amazing blogging platform. You can add plugins to increase its functionality, swap out themes at the click of a button and produce content online at the drop of a hat. It’s no wonder then that a recent study of the top 100 blogs in the world determined 48 are running on WordPress. As you grow with your blog, configure plugins and increase the complexity of your theme the general day to day management of the site can become overwhelming. What was once a simple task now takes you a day and with new ways to connect your […]