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WYSIWYG Widgets – Easily Create Custom Widgets

WYSIWYG Widgets - Insert Widget

Have you ever wanted to create a custom widget but didn’t know the HTML code to insert a picture or add bullet points to it for maximum effect? Well now you don’t have to after I found a plugin that lets you create widgets just like you do posts and pages. That plugin is called WYSIWYG Widgets. This plugin adds so-called Widget Blocks to your website which you can easily show in a widget area. You can create or edit the widget blocks just like you would edit any post or page, with all the default WordPress editing functions enabled. […]

EWWW Image Optimizer – Optimise Your Images For Speed

EWWW Image Optimizer

As long as I can remember the plugin was the go to plugin to help trim that extra bit of size off images you upload to your WordPress site. However since its slow and somewhat painful demise a new plugin has emerged to do the job better and more effectively and that is EWWW Image Optimizer. The EWWW Image Optimizer is a WordPress plugin that will automatically and losslessly optimize your images as you upload them to your blog. It can also optimize the images that you have already uploaded in the past. To add this plugin to your site […]

WordPress Notification Bar – Get The Attention Of Your Readers

WordPress Notification Bar

I’m sure you’ve all seen those little WordPress notification bar alerts at the top of some websites announcing their latest and greatest offer/prize/announcement. Perhaps some of you have even wanted to add your own, only to find out the one you saw costs money. Well I’ve good news for you as there is a free plugin available that does the job just as well. The WordPress Notification Bar is a very simple plugin that has just one job, to call attention to a specific page or product you are promotion on your site. To add the plugin to your site […]

Terms Descriptions – Auto Link Phrases

Terms Descriptions

Interlinking your blog content is a big deal if you’re talking about SEO. You want to be able to tell readers and search engines about your other related content but sometime you don’t always remember to link posts correctly. So having a tool to auto link phrases with the right post or page would be ideal right? Well then you need to have a look at a plugin called Terms Descriptions. This plugin allows you to create list of terms and assign links to them. This plugin replaces occurrences of terms in your posts with appropriate links. Unlike similar plugins […]